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Andrew Winckles For Lenawee County Commission: Lenawee for Everyone

Hi! I'm Andrew

And I'm running for Lenawee County Commission

I am running because I believe you deserve a progressive voice in our local government. From addressing the housing crisis, to attracting good jobs to the county, to making our community safer, I have a plan for how to solve big problems and make Lenawee County a better place for everyone!

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Andrew Winckles

Platform: Solve Big Problems

  • Establish a Lenawee County Housing Commission.

  • Hold landlords accountable for predatory practices - establish a tenant right to counsel program.

  • Establish a grant program to assist with home repairs.

  • Work towards building hundreds of units of affordable public housing.

  • Bring good union jobs to the county to help build public housing.

  • Establish an Office of Community Engagement to connect people to jobs and training opportunities.

  • Pass a Responsible Contractor Ordinance.

  • Create an Economic Justice Unit to prosecute wage theft, wage and hour violations, and other crimes against workers.

  • Work to strengthen existing resources within communities - like Community Mental Health - to prevent safety problems before they occur.

  • Develop a holistic Public Safety strategy that privileges prevention and community engagement instead of only enforcement.

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